How Fiverr makes money easy worldwide


Fiverr Online Earning platform makes money easy by providing your service to other person or a company. It is the most demanding e-commerce online website that uses in 2021. Fiverr is a suitable platform for freelancers to start earning online.

Fiverr basically use when you want to purchase any service or when you want to give your service and starts earning online.  This platform connects businesses with their target freelancers. Hence, the mission of this platform is to change the world works together through online earning.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people face difficulties. Indeed, unemployment has been increasing in many countries due to the lockdown situation. Consequently, poverty and hunger arise in different parts of the country. They have no money-saving to spend on food and medicine. The effect of unemployment due to COVID-19 may be long-lasting.

Fiverr solve all your problems. It is cost-effective and cuts 20% commission on every order. Now you can work from the comfort of your home at any time and place. It is a user-friendly platform. It launches android application for users to make easy to use. Therefore, it provides freelancers to direct access to buyers globally.

Fiverr is a Trustable platform for making money

Fiverr is safe for earning. The method of payment is entirely secure and safe. When a buyer contacts you to buy any service, he places the order and transfers his money to the wallet. When you complete the task, and the buyer accepts your delivery, it will automatically move into your account wallet.

You will receive your pending clearance amount after 14 days, and you can transfer your money to your bank account. In this way, your money is completely secure.

Makes Money through Fiverr

Most demanding e-commerce website uses in 2021. A person needs direct access to homepage. Go to, you will see website in front of you. Tap join button present on the right side of the screen. Steps we need to follow to make a Fiverr account.

Email address

Initially, you need an Email to sign up on Fiverr.  You can also sign in to Fiverr by using google or Facebook account. Hereafter, create your username and password. Remember your name must contains a unique value or go for a professional name if you create Fiverr account for your organization. Similarly, set a strong password of your choice to make your account secure.

Henceforward, you receive an Email from Email verification for Fiverr account is significant, go to email account and check your inbox. In a meantime, you will receive a confirmation message from Fiverr. By clicking this email, you can activate your account.

Soon your account will be activate. Open your account by visiting Fiverr homepage and get access to your account.

Seller Account Profile

After login, you will be directed to the homepage of Fiverr, where you select Become a seller button present on the top of the page. It will open the seller page.

Profile Picture – Add a decent profile picture of yours. Use your original image. If you use another illustration, Fiverr will give a copyright claim to you.

Description – Write an impressive and inspiring description in which you define yourself, your name, identity, your skills, experience, and expertise. Make a unique, well-structured, optimized short content of 5-7 lines to attract buyers to your account.

Skills – Describe your skills and expertise related to your field and knowledge.

Select language – English is compulsory for communication skills; Select the English language specifically and your proficiency in it. If you know other languages like Urdu, French, Chinese, Italian or Hindi, etc., you can select them.

The test has taken – A basic test of the English language is held to check the grammar language of a person, it is helpful to earn more trust on Fiverr.

Professional information – Briefly explain your education: your school, college, and subjects. Or well define your occupation.  It does not matter if your degree does not relate to your education.

Certification – If you learn your skill from an institute, they award you a certificate on specific skills. Add your certificate and awards. If you do not have any certification, you can leave it empty. There is not an issue at all.

Social media accounts – You can connect your Fiverr account to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. Buyers can contact you through it.

Account security – Add your phone no and Email address to verify them and secure it. Click the Finish button, and here you have done!

Finally, your account is ready to use.

Fiverr Level Requirements

There are different levels of Fiverr that may increase over time.

Level 1 seller

Suppose you want to increase your level from the new seller level to level 1.

Initially, you have to complete 60 days as a new seller.

Make 30 days without warning, maintain a 4.7-star rating.

Complete ten orders.

Finally, earn at least $400 or more than it from completed orders.

Level 2 seller

If you want to increase your level (1 to 2). Your activity is precious:

Complete at least 120 days as a level 1 seller.

Complete 50 orders successfully.

Earn at least $2000 or more.

Top-rated seller

Top seller requirements is the dream of every freelancer, these include

24/7 activity and 90% response time.

You have to complete at least 100 orders.

Above all, maintain a 4.7-star rating.

Gigs on Fiverr to makes money

A new seller : As a new seller, Fiverr offer their users to create seven gigs of their best skills to provide their services to another person who needs them. Then ,you can make gigs of your services according to your price and choice.

Level 1 seller: In a level 1 seller, you can make 11 gigs and create your services according to your choice. Thus, you can provide more services to your clients. Buyers attract more towards you and make a strong connection.

Level 2 seller: You can make 20 gigs and provide different services to your customers/clients. Level 2 seller is the dream of every seller to gain and maintain it. Because buyers get more attractive to level 2 sellers than a new seller, the buyer thinks he will fulfill his service more than other sellers.

Top seller: The top seller can make 30 gigs on his account. It would help best if you did a lot of hard work to achieve top seller on Fiverr. Although, you can make a significant amount of money up to $400-600 in a week. The top-rated seller can attract multinational companies and make a substantial amount of money through it. Moreover every freelancer wants himself on the top seller list.

Fiverr Evaluation

On 15 of every month, Fiverr check your accounts and evaluate it. According to it, if you truly follow the policy of Fiverr, and other criteria. It will increase your selling level. In fact, it will leave a good impact on your account.

Consequently, if you did something wrong that decrease your rating, response time, order completion and on time delivery. You may lose your current selling level e.g., if you were in level 2 seller it will convert it into level 1.

How to maintain 5-Star rating

The 5.0-star rating is the best rating given by your customers/buyers on your service. Try to make your client fully satisfied with your work. If you cannot get a 5.0-star rating, you make at least a 4.7-star rating to achieve the next level.

Your response rate to any customer/buyer should be 100%. Although 90% can be acceptable, below 90 may be problematic.

Deliver your excellent work at the exact time when you get an order from the client. The delivery time is select by mutual understanding between you and the buyer.

Try to complete all your orders to impress buyers with your work and have a long-term relationship with you. On the other hand, if you do not complete your order, it will be considered a negative impact on your account.

Use the system of Fiverr to send an effective buyer request to influence your buyer that you can perform his work better than anyone else.

Furthermore, make a solid and respectable communication with the buyer. The online earning go hand in hand. The more people use it, the more benefits we can get. Not only that, the professionals who offer their services on it have shared their tried and tested techniques for improving their incomes.

So if you too are one of those who are searching for some real online ways of making money, then this e-course is just right for you. The e-course is basically designed for two types of people – those who want to build a successful career from online earning and also those who want to learn the ropes of making money online from Pakistan.

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