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Structural water is called magnetized water, it formed structure that been form a hexagonal cluster. The structured water is defined as the water that is purified vibrationally in order to neutralize various toxins. Structural water is also known as hexagonal water. Because in structure of water it holds aa unique hexagonal shape.

Structured water is appeared fresh, thick and transparent color. It is the most purified water on earth which is directly comes from mountains. We obtained Structured Water from glacier melt, mountains and ither untouched sources. Structured water is the arrangement of water, and that exist when water molecules are near the hydrophilic surfaces.  Structure Water is like ice molecules of water that are joined together by hexagonal structure and have a single sheet layer. Structural water do not contain any toxic material, it regulates the minerals present in soil.

structural water | acs physical chemistry journals

Hexagonal Water and its Explanation

Hexagonal water- the term hexagonal water is described as the cluster of molecules of water that form a hexagonal shape that increase the absorption of nutrients, increase cellular communication and remove/reduce metabolic waste among different things. It has a crystalline structure that form when eight molecules of water combine.

In a human body, it is believed that the most of the water which is structured in hexagonal manner. The molecules of water are in constant motion. Structured water recharge and hydrated the body more than ordinary drinking water.

History of Structural Water

A bioengineering Scientist research on Structured water named as Dr. Jerry Pollack and he is a winner of Emoto Peace prize due to his amazing and outstanding research on structured water. According to his research structured water is a fourth state of matter beyond solid, liquid and gas.

Dr Massaro Emoto is Japanese scientist who has been search on structured water and he developed different information through his views and purposes. He was considered as a pioneer scientist in the research of water. According to him, we can easily make devices for water, as we are living between new technologies. He says that we can access easily to water’s highest vibration.

Technology and moving to the new level hold us the truth about structured water with gemstones, vertexing and sacred geometry of water. He did a great work in the research of structured water. We thanks to him, for an amazing and informative research when consider water as a living perception.

Some Benefits of Structural Water

There are a lot of advantages of Structured water, here we discussed a little bit.

  • Structure water is a key to better health. Structural water gives us economic and environmental benefits. Structured water is beneficial for human life and it brings energy balance to the body.
  • Structural water has strength that maintains and provide more energy to the body.
  • It provides more potential to the body to function more properly.
  • It helps to increases the energy level of a body.
  • It helps humans to sleep better.
  • It helps in good digestion in human body and reduces the rate of constipation.
  • It helps in weight loss and maintain weight.
  • It helps in maintain blood sugar level.
  • It is better for skin, improve complexion and reduces other skin issues.
  • It is considering as better for diabetic patients.
  • Structured water beneficial for cancerous patients. It helps to provide good health to them.
  • Drinking structured water provides relaxation to stomach.
  • It really helps to detoxify our body.
  • Structure water reduces stress, improve the rate of glycemia and increase/improved blood lipid level, increase the conductivity in tissues, improved spermatozoa and semen.
  • It improves the rate of growth in living organisms.
  • The properties of soil will improve by using structured water and enhance growth of plants.
  • Plants that are present near structured water will get more nutrients from soil.
  • Plant’s stem, flower and fruits become strong and thick; it provides strength to them.
  • We obtain healthy and fresh crops by using structure water. consequently, the quantity of crops will increase.
  • Flowers can grow in exciting colors; trees grow in well-mannered structure and leaves remain fresh for longer time.
structural water | acs physical chemistry journals

Difference between Structural water and un-structural water?

The famous Wolfe clinic website states the difference between the hexagonally-structured water and unstructured water is same as the difference between quartz and crystal of quartz although both are silicon dioxide but a price of quartz is random with opaque appearance but the quartz crystal is perfect geometry shape and is a clear crystal. There is a big difference between structured an unstructured water.

Is Structural water is good for Human health?

Yes, it is. When we drink purify/ structured water we feel a lot of changes happens regarding to our skin and digestive system. Our complexion may improve that gives us a positive sign, our stomach feel good when we drink structured water.

This water contains special minerals that are suitable for human, animals and plants health. It gives energy to our body and able us to do work more easily.

Unique Properties of Structural water

  • It has great wetting property and low surface tension.
  • The pH value of structural water is above than 7, it enables body fluids.
  • It neutralizes acidic chlorine effect.
  • Structural water has concave meniscus.
  • It inhibits incrustation of dissolved substances.
  • It breaks clumps of molecules of water and provide strength to Hydrogen bonding.

Theory Behind Structural water

The science behind the structural water is that the vortex water charges it and allowing it to hold the energy level. In this way, this energy may hydrate and recharge the body.

vortex water- In the motion of fluids/liquids a vortex is a region which evolves around an axis line that may be curved or straight. A vortex which is properly design as including the molecules of water, that are dissociates into ions of hydrogen and oxygen. The dissociated ions of oxygen and any other oxygen is mix up that is already dissolving in water consistently. 

As we know, Oxygen is considering as hydrophilic element.  After this, structured water creates hexagonal sheets that may grow layer by layer, outward from the oxygen.

How long structural water stay structured? – The theory said the structure water will last for a lifetime. For survival of mankind and perform body functions we depend up on water directly and indirectly, it has been research that structured water absorbed by cells more easily than unstructured. 

When a normal person drink unstructured water it cannot be absorbing by our cells and not effective for his body as structured water. Water is a great blessing as well as a great at balancing different temperatures. In case of extremely cold or extremely hot weather we can survive longer on a temperature change.

It has been clearing that the structured water is more beneficial and effective at balancing and in this way, it helps humans to survive longer. The structural water I considered as healthier than a tap or filtered water. The structural water is a natural water that is exist in glacier melt, mountains and other sources that are un-touch.

How we convert regular water into Structural water?

You can convert regular water into structured water by using different methods:

  • Vertexing- Through a process of vertex magnetizing the water and make it structured.
  • When exposing it to natural energy and heat – Sunlight
  • We can covert regular water into structured water, by storing it into the water bottles of gemstones.
  • When we swirl water that is present in a container, the water is convert into structured water.
  • Another method is by clamping magnets on pipe to conduct water. (Healthline, 2019)

The magnetized structured water cause reduction in blood glucose level, it has another advantage, it can cause reduction in damaging blood and DNA of liver in rats. It is observing that structural water has a hexagonal geometry but normal water is in constant motion, this prove that the structure of both water is change/different.

Scientist still search on structured water and try to search innovative valuable information about it.  We need a lot of information about structured water that is missing, but chemists’ and scientist still are in academic research, and it is breaking though the commercial level.

Hence, SW have some antioxidants properties and they appear the same properties as antioxidant, even there is no constituent of antioxidant is adding into the water.

Structured water can play an important role into the bioactivity of various cells, it depends upon the effect of antioxidants and totally based on structure. There are some complains about structured water and its benefits get up but there is no still evidence behind it.

Formula of Structural Water

In structured water there are three hydrogen and two oxygen atoms that are combine with each other to make one molecule of structured water. The formula for the normal water is different from structured water.

Some researchers are considered it as fourth phase of water; it is usually called living water. Properties of this water is, it is more alkaline, dense and viscous.  H3O2 is a state of matter which is present between solid and liquid, and is considering as thicker than H2O (normal water). H3O2 is prove as gel water, it has ability to store energy. It is easily available in northern areas. The water is cold, it cannot be easily drink able directly from river. The water flow speedily. 

structural water | acs physical chemistry journals

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