What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business | Explain concepts of e business and e commerce


E-commerce and E-business both are trendy online platforms having a fundamental difference. Online businesses need maximum traffic of consumers to run their businesses. These businesses have their charms and drawbacks.

Some people think that both are the same and synonyms words. But in reality, both businesses are different. The definition of ecommerce is evident when purchasing items online and making money. On the other hand, e-business is the facilitation of all businesses by using internet and latest technology.


To perform commercial activities online and transactions using the internet, e-commerce business plays an important role. The activity performed in an ecommerce is buying and selling various products and making a good source of income. Hence making financial transactions.

Various mobile applications and websites are used to perform ecommerce business easy and reliable, both for consumers and sellers.

The beautiful part of this business is that it is connected with the end customer and provide quality services to attract significant traffic to an ecommerce platform. Example of Ecommerce online retail platform includes amazon, Paytm mall, flip kart, Myntra, online services and sellers of digital products.


There is a benefit to performing all types of activities throughout the internet in an E-business. The activities include:

  • Gaining various items.
  • Buying and selling products.
  • Customer education.
  • Making a suitable transaction over the internet.

An e-business website, intranet, internet, and extranet are used. Many applications, websites, CRM and ERP, are mandatory for e-business.

E-business, including all ecommerce companies and various internal business activities, develop hardware and software sites, public sale sites and other variables.

E-commerce and E-Business Activities

You can pay online. The company serves well and provide online customers’ support. Customer’s pay different taxes. Buy online ticketing Selling and buying various products online. Online Account Software.
Plays a reliable part in customers’ education. The marketing through E-mail. Better Supply chain management Complete setup for online store. Important business transactions. Selling and buying various products.

Quality differences between E-commerce and E-business

It performs commercial activities online.e-business is essential to perform all types of businesses and activities by using internet.
The transaction in an ecommerce business is limited.  It is a broad concept and consider as a super set of all businesses.
It is considered as a subset of E-business because it is a narrow concept.Only business transactions are carried out in e-business.
The transaction of commercial type is carried out in an ecommerce business.E-business required the use of various and multiple websites and applications.
In an ecommerce business sellers can sale products and consumers can buy them online by using website or application.There is an excessive use of intranet, internet and extranet.
There is an essential and complimentary use of internet when shop from ecommerce business.It plays an important role in various activities like procurement of goods, customer education, supply chain activities, and buying and selling of various products.
It covers all outward and external processes of business.It is more appropriate in Business to Business than Business to consumers.
It is more reliable when comes from Business to consumer B2C.This business covers external and internal, both activities and process.


There is never competition between ecommerce and e-business. The difference is utilized to create your super business model, and it creates a significant impact on how you create and design your company. Both have their charms, importance and drawbacks. These businesses are significant nowadays for sellers and buyers because of the latest online technology. But we need to learn the critical differences between both businesses.

What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business | define and explain the concepts of e business and e commerce

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